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Bat Information

The Courtyards and Bat Mitigation  Updated 1-16-2018
As part of the 2013-2014 Master Roof Project, the Association contracted with ERaticators to seal the eaves at the roofline to keep bats from nesting in the roofs.  This work has warrantees through the contractor.
Since the project ended, several owners reported that bats have nested in their roofs.  Inspections by Maintenance show in each case that the bats entered through openings other than the eaves, that the roofline seals are still intact.  Our roofs are inspected each year for broken tiles and seals by our roof contractor. 
If owners see bats nesting in their roof, owners must have them removed, at their expense.  Bat waste is toxic to humans and it will quickly ruin the roof underlayment and the stucco along the eaves.
The Association has negotiated a deal with Scott Hamilton of ERaticators for owners who need bat mitigation.  They offer our homeowners a rate of $350.00 for a 3 bedroom unit in a quad or duplex and $250.00 for a 2 bedroom unit in a quad or duplex.  Owners may call him directly at 321-777-4011. 
Owners are welcome to hire another professional bat specialist if they wish,with one caveat: your contractor must be licensed and insured.  If the contractor breaks tiles or damages the roofs they will be expected to reimburse the association.   Unauthorized, unlicensed, uninsured people on the roofs, including owners, will void our roof warranties and are specifically prohibited by the Covenants.
Please contact the property manager or any board member through our Contact Us link on this website if there are any questions.
Bat Information 
Bats are protected by both state and Federal law; you must not harm them in any way at any time.  In particular, during their breeding season from April-August in Florida, it’s against the law to disturb their nests or their access to their nests.  Click HERE for more information concerning this restriction from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Female bats return to their own birthplace to have their own pups.  Bats may be prevented from nesting in a location by professional mitigation, but they will continue to return and will find another place close by.  They only need about ½ inch opening to get into a building.  The barrel tile roofs in particular are a favorite roost for them, and they cram themselves in by the hundreds and sometimes thousands.
Each bat eats thousands of mosquitoes and other flying insects per year, but their urine and feces are health hazards to humans, and bat waste can quickly damage roofs and buildings.
Bat Mitigation
Professional bat wranglers don’t poison or kill bats -  they hang nets around the areas of bat infestation.  This allows bats to exit their roosts at twilight but blocks their return entry in the morning.  Not every bat leaves the roost each night, and it takes several days before the entire colony has exited.  After this time the bat entries are sealed.  Most bat wranglers offer a warrantee on their work, and then most offer a service call contract after the warrantee expires.