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Board of Directors

The Courtyards Board of Directors
The Courtyards Homeowners Association holds elections for Board of Directors positions in early December each year.  Ballots and proxies are counted and the results are announced during the Annual Meeting.  Per the amended By-Laws, the Association members elect at least three, and up to five Directors; two directors serve a two-year term.  Within 14 days after the election, the new Board must meet and vote for the Officers and appoint Directors' positions for the Standing Committees.  The four Officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Normally, each committee will have one Director member, who may also serve as the Committee Chair. 
The Board meets to conduct the Associations' business normally on the fourth Thursday of each month, at the Suntree Library.  The Board may change the meeting location schedule and location as needed.  An Owners' Forum is held after each meeting to give members an opportunity to ask questions, make comments or suggestions, volunteer for a committee or state an opinion.
2019 Board of Directors
President Inge Flink
Vice President Laurie DiSanto
Secretary Mary Ann Galvin
Treasurer Charlotte Probst
Director at Large Connie Nash
                                                           Property Manager     
                          Brittany Robberecht, CAM  Leland Management, Inc.
2019 Board Meeting Schedule
(Dates and times may change)
Suntree Library
901 Jordan Blass DR
Jan 24   Thu  2pm
Feb 28   Thu  2pm
Mar 28   Thu  2pm
Apr 30   Tue  6pm
May 23  Thu  2pm
Jun 18  Tue   6pm
Jul 30   Tue   6pm
Aug 20   Tue  6pm
Sep 17   Tue  6pm
Oct 29    Tue  2pm
November and December TBD
                                  2019 Committee Chairs
                          Architectural Review   TBD
                          Budget                         TBD
                          Insurance                    Mary Ann Galvin, Frank Kokoska
                          Landscaping                Steve Hodgson
                          Maintenance                TBD
                          Pool                             Vacant
                          Roof                             Vacant 
                          Rules/Regulations      Leland Management
                          Compliance                  TBD
                          Social                           Vacant
                          Webmaster                  Laurie DiSanto
                  To contact a Board member or a Committee Chair, 
go to the "Contact Us" page