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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Upcoming Events ~

None listed at this time.

~ Happenings ~
Closed for the summer!  Anita will resume the gatherings in the Fall.
The popular weekly Coffee Klatches are held every Wednesday at 9:00 AM 
at the Pool Pavilion.  Come on down and meet the neighbors.
The coffee is on the house!
Look for the signs in the neighborhood.  
While you're there, browse our free Library Exchange for complimentary Books, Paperbacks and DVDs.
The Friday Happy Hour will be going to a bi-weekly schedule during the summer.   Look for the signs in the neighborhood.  Join us for the the community's most popular gathering, held Fridays (on a bi-weekly summer schedule) at 4:30 pm at the pool.


~ Inquiries ~
Realtors, sellers and potential buyers  can get information about The Courtyards Homeowners Association from Leland Property Management at
321-574-9632 or by e-mail at

~ Items of Interest ~
Please see Skylight Replacement Letter to Homeowners HERE 6/25/2015
Please see the new 2015 Gutter and Downspout Policy HERE or in the Governing Documents Link on the left  Updated 6/22/2015
Please see the new 2015 Exterior Building, Stucco and Foundation Preservation Policy HERE or in the Governing Documents link on the left   Updated 5/21/2015
Please see the new link "BAT INFORMATION" on the left menu Updated March 2015
The 2015 Project List can be found HERE
The Draft Minutes of the May 21, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting are found HERE or in the Board Meeting Minutes on the left
The Appproved Minutes of the April 23, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting are found HERE or in the Board Meeting Minutes on the left

~ Sponsor of the Month ~
Sponsor of the Month will resume shortly.  Vendors who are interested in advertising please click here to send an inquiry.